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What is Fiverr ?

Well, Fiverr is free Online Platform which has no Monthly fee, where People can make money using their skills and also buy any thing in $5, you can sell any thing on Fiverr it's not matter that you have to sell only serious items but it's doesn't meant you gonna to Spam. Fiverr has become world largest Freelancing website cause Fiverr care their Users (Buyer / Seller), and they give you all those facilities which you can't get from other Lancing website. in this article we're going to discuss: What is fiverr & How to use it and how you can make money using Fiverr.

What is "Gig" ?

"Gig" Mean a service which 'll be sell on Fiverr, On many other Freelancing Website you 'll "Bid" on a Project or you have to need submit your "Proposal" Which is not so easy especially for newbies, But if you use Fiverr so you don't have to worry because you can create a "Gig" and Buyer automatically come to on your gig, through search the result.
Example: You're a Graphic Designer and you want to get paid so what you have to do ? You have to just create a Graphic designing Gig.

How to Create an account on Fiverr

Click "Join" Button on top left side,
Now You 'll have a popup Window. As you can see You have to put your Email address, so Put it but make sure Email should be your own.
Click on continue button & type any username which suite you, but I 'll suggest use some Team Related names like "We_Design", "Online_24/7", "Fast_SEO" etc. If these names isn't available so play with it like move first word to last and last word to first, or simply add "_" (Underscore symbol).
Chose a strong and very strong Password, this is the main Security of your account, Never use simple names for Password, You can add some symbol and some Numeric numbers, which 'll be Mixture of Small+Capital+Numeric+Symbol like: "This i$ A password"
Go to your Email and Verify your account for next steps
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